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Linus Pauling Quartet
5th full length by Houston TX based psych rock seven-piece quartet might be their most dense and coherent album to date. "Ascorbins?ure" is essentially a heavy psychedelic rock feast, refined by playful psych pop and space rock sparks, and excels throughout by the presence of multi-guitar magnificence. A healthy dose of irony and a subtle presence of the unpredictable help maintain a chemical balance. LP4 take off where Mike Gunn's "Almaron" ended. They make their way from laidback passages into explosive rock thunder. From a wild rocker in Stooges vein to a mesmerizing 15 min. rock version of a Kraftwerk song. Rock music and rock magic. __LP4 are:__ Larry Liska - batterie Steve Finley - bass Carol Kelly - theremin, clarinet, SH-101 Charlie Horshack - vox, rhythm & lead guitar, ac. guitars, baritone sax Clinton Heider - lead & rhythm guitars, vox Ramon Medina - ac. & el. guitars, vox Flip Osman - moog On one track John Cramer of Project Grimm & Mike Gunn fame guests on dual lead guitars. __Tracks:__ Switzer Cole Porter Brain Thorn La Tapatia Airplane Drunkest Man Cannonball Hall of Mirrors CD

13.80 €

LINUS PAULING QUARTET - Ashes in the Bong of God
Burbling jams from the practice space lab of Houston, TX, based six-piece quartet LP4. Three sides of free rock/psych jazz improvisation, sometimes hypnotic, at times tribalistic, at other times invaded by alien slimes of Krautrock - interluded by the The Great Singularity Part 2 (finally The Great Singularity is explained - Mournebong, Sonebringer, who were the Bongscientists, and many more mysteries are revealed). " Before anyone knew what happened a simple collection of songs were framed by instrumentals plus narration.... OH MY GOD! IT'S A CONCEPT ALBUM!" On side four LP4 rock it out with a live recorded version of Kraftwerk's Hall of Mirrors (this track is exclusive to the LP edition and not on the CD version out on Fleece US), reach stoner rock heaven... and get back with a feedback laden, organ driven Motor City garage rock attack. " This collection is definitely the band at it most psyche." (Jasper the Lab Cat in BongScientific Review # 10 DoLP

18.40 €

LINUS PAULING QUARTET - Killing you with Rock
The 3rd album by Houston, TX, based six-piece quartet LP4. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a manic rock thrill. LP4 crank out a bunch of psych infiltrated upfront rock songs, gear you up with Motor City riffin' garage punk rock rooted smashers, cool down you senses with laidback, textured / post-rock tunes. They take you an a 10-min. Hawkwind influenced space rock ride and invite you to an insane Beefheartian Dance of the Bug People. The LP4 studio experience is rounded off by a hypnotizing, dense 20-min. jam (Cole Porter), which captures the band live & spontaneously improvising. LP4 are said to be part of the new Texas psych scene (see Fred Mills' report in Magnet no. 30) and there have been relations to Charalambides, Dunlavy and Schlong Weasel. In music and spirit they line up with Dry Nod and Mike Gunn. LP4 are: Larry Liska (batterie), Steve Finlay (bass), Clinton Heider (guitar, vocals), Ramon Medina (guitar, vocals), Charlie Horshack (sax), Flip Osman (moog). CD

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LP4 from Houston, Texas on this record are: Stephen Finley (bass), Clinton Heider (vocals, guitar), Larry Liska (batterie), Ramon Medina (guitar, bowed guitar, vocals). All of them have more or less relation to the Mike Gunn. The six tracks on this LP were recorded during the process of recording a song to submit to the Ptolemaic Terrascope's benefit CD Succour in December 95. After the tapes were filled, the beer was gone and the bong was cashed, the result was an amazing spontaneous intense string driven psych rock beast ready to be released even in this rough form. The exploding harmony at the beginning ends with the start of a heavy thundering hypnotic rock strike in Bevis Frond tradition, quoting Black Sabbath and peaking in a twin guitar solo battle. This is followed by a Big Black-esque guitar rumble and an invitation to a Beefheartian Dance of the Bug People. Side 2 consists of an over 20 min. long relaxed, mantra-like psych jam, full of subtle suspense, vibrations, outbursts, dissolving in the harmonious beauty of Henry Floats. LP

14.30 €
Limited edition of 550 in partly handmade cover.

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