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Wobble Jaggle Jiggle
WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE - It came from nowhere
"I summon forth electric sounds of freakout psychedelia, pounding voodoo blues rhythms, a lightning acid sound to fry toadskins and magic fungi, howling vocals of a banshee, cave kid guitar riffs filled with full moons and fables, black cats, the feedback of Dr. Frankenstein's ghastly castle laboratory, multicoloured science fiction trips and things that go bump in the night, great balls of fire and all things that help the mind to glow, now materialize before us to entertain our overeager imaginations, cock-phooey! Ho, ho,ho." Cool. New album by this Brighton, UK underground band with Vibrasonic / Cherokee Mist / Morticians / Mandragora relations. Wobble Jaggle Jiggle are known from several cassette releases, one of which ("Overflowing Bowl of Green Jelly") also came out on vinyl on the Magic Gnome label. "It came from nowhere" is a brainblowing, stoned magic carpet ride into the electric beyond, a psychedelic rock mayhem with hints of Motor City/West Coast rock. Robert Chambers' pedal-pushing guitar wizardry reminds of Saloman/Watts at their best. Caroline Davey's vocals evoke the expressiveness of Grace Slick and the power of Janis Joplin. LP

LP is a lim./num. edition of 980 copies.


12.00 €

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