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Temple of L.I.B.
TEMPLE OF L.I.B. - My name is magic
New project of Stefan Lienemann alias "Limo" (Fit & Limo, Discolor, Shiny Gnomes) starts where sadly demised Fit & Limo left off. Temple shifts the emphasis towards psychedelic, song-orientated, British 60ies folk rock, encompassing US West Coast vibes and wyrd folk. Meditative, tribalistic free-form mantras are highlighted by Tara Burke's (Fursaxa) mysterious, artful, otherwordly vocal appearances. Created was an excellent, trance-inducing acid folk album, reminiscent of Lamp of the Universe - "Earth Spirit & Sky", Incredible String Band, John Fahey. Guested also by Riff (Cosmic Gardeners, Riff & The Mad Hatters Garden Band Machine) and friends. CD contains two bonus tracks. CD

13.00 €

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