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Talking Trees
Debut album by band from Bicester, Oxon UK, who make the trees talk and the byrds sing. British psych pop with influences of American West Coast sound in Jefferson Airplane vein (the album contains a cover of Grace Slick's Lather"), folky 12-string Rickenbacker dominated Byrds-like harmonies, breezy Simon & Garfunkel touches. Also reminds of the current psych pop of Green Pajamas. In spite of all the influences mentioned Talking Trees are identifyiably British like a summer wind blowing over Wicken Fen. Talking Trees are: Sean Robert Chambers (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, songs) Stephen O'Sullivan (bass huitar) Steve Tucker (organs, piano) Dan Barrow (drums) "Talking Trees first spun their unique psyche-folk/rock at the beginning of the year 2000, swiftly creating a subtle shifting of the morning mist which conceals the secret longing of the child in all... Out of this potpourri of sound and images began to pour works of strong melodic beauty... haunting ballads of yester-year fused with the late 60's psyche freedom, and hints of necessary self-preserving cynicism. 'The very Soul of music is dying', says Sean Robert Chambers, 'we simply must do more than merely paint over the rust.' These words maybe 'words', but they are touching a nerve in those who now wish to awaken. Ethereal, yet real: music for Mind and Body for our new millenia. 'This album is a must for those who still strive to dream, for they shall manifest their dreams into reality." (S.R. Chambers, 11.06.2002) CD

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