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Marble Orchard
MARBLE ORCHARD - Adventures in mutation
3rd full length from this Oregon band consisting of Ron Kleim (guitars, vocals), Jayson Breeton (bass, backing vocals), Steve Frothingham (drums, mellotron, organ). "Adventures in Mutation" shows the band's versatility: heavy melodic Wiper-esque rock thunder, surf metal, 12-string ballads, perfect pop marbles that will appeal to the 60's afficionado as well as the fan of 90's rock Epitaph style. Fuzz driven guitars and especially mellow harmonious vocals embrace these various elements. By the way, Ron Kleim is also a member of Surf Trio. "Adventures in Mutation" contains 16 tracks and is available on CD only. CD

12.00 €

MARBLE ORCHARD - Agent Invisible
Garage inspired, distorted, motorized, fuzzy heavy guitar rock blowouts. Fluid drumbeats, feedbacks, from the black light psych space. Trio from Portland, Oregon. LP


SURF TRIO / MARBLE ORCHARD - (Dis-Cover Series Vol. 2)
Surf Trio side: "Kings of the surfing beat, that's we." Trashman LaPole's song in Windst?rke 10. Please take your woody and find pure fun. Followed by an atmospheric rendering of Love's "This house is not a motel." Marble Orchard side: Janglin' rockin' version of Bobby Fuller Four's "It's love, come what may" and a speedy blast-off interpretation of Fab Four's "Nowhere Man." 7"

4.10 €

MARBLE ORCHARD - Paradise / Our love is up to you
Once you have listened to "Paradise" you will be hooked by melody, harmony and memories. Flip is outtake from session for 1st CD. Great twelve string 60's style. 7"

4.10 €

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