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Crystalized Movements
CRYSTALIZED MOVEMENTS - Revelations from Pandemonium
Intense space twisting psychedelia, mesmerizing harmonies alternate with bizarre feedbacking guitar noise attacks. You will find lyrical quietness as well as excellent songwriting. Previously available on CD (Twisted Village) only, at last on future's format. CM were: Wayne Rogers, Kate Biggar, Teri Morris, Scott McLeod. W. Rogers & K. Biggar also mainly participate in Vermonster and Luxurious Bags, as you know. Revelations from Pandemonium" seems to be the last album by CM for the time being. Their sad demise is mourned by seers and satellites. Thankfully W. Rogers and K. Biggar joined forces with D. Krukowski and N. Yang (Galaxie 500) to reappear as Magic Hour. LP


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