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Lamp of the Universe
LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE - Earth Spirit & Sky
3rd album by Lamp of The Universe, the acid folk/psychedelic project of Craig Williamson from Hamilton, New Zealand (known also from heavy/stoner rock band Datura). The sitar-driven, mantraesque songs on Earth Spirit & Sky mark another step forward on Craig's way to conveying a meditative, mind-expanding musical experience. Earth Spirit & Sky appears to be an epic unit made up of 8 songs. Craig uses sitar, acoustic/electric guitar, tablas, flute, blissed out voice and blends elements of space/folk/blues with sounds from the Eastern shore for hippiesque psychedelia. Imagine an exotic incarnation of Ethereal Counterbalance's Rod Goodway jamming with Spacemen 3, Holy River Family Band, Saddar Bazaar and reaching/producing a trancelike phantasmagoric state... First edition of 320 with paste-on 4-colour silkscreen print featuring a psychedelic lapwing, handmade by the SG Art Department. LP


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