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Breathe Stone
In 1995 when __Timothy Renner__ (Mourning Cloak, Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree) formed __Stone Breath__, he was primarily interested in acoustic music. He promised himself at that time Stone Breath would always remain an acoustic band. As time wore on, members of Stone Breath, including Timothy, expressed interest in doing music which included electric instruments and effects. Thus, Breathe Stone was born. The songs on "Hex Thistle" are unlike anything else Timothy has recorded. Romantic and decadent, even Gothic, yet still deeply earthen. Darkly psychedelic folksongs peppered with reedy drones and aetheric swirls. Songs of love, God, and death. Diverse instrumentation lends to the strange sonic texture of this release. Acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, dulcimer, bouzouki, harmonium, hand-percussion, banjo-dulcimer, fiddle, and the glasstamboura (an instrument of Timothy's own invention), all woven together to create a musical hex sign. Folk music and folk magic. __Tracks:__ - A Thread in the Silver Skein - Candle, Corpse and Bell - Ophelia - Funeral Masque, Funeral Mask - The Song of the Thrones at the Lantern - Down in Yon Forest CD

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