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Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree
Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree is the brainchild of Pennsylvania based folk alchemist Timothy Renner (Stonebreath, Mourning Cloak, Breathe Stone). He is accompanied by Sarada and Prydwyn (Green Crown). Rooted in old-time Appalachian music and often played on19th century instruments, their repertoire is mostly traditional: graveyard blues, murder ballads, ghost songs and old hymns. "Burning Mills", their new album and 2nd full length, finds the band comfortably nestled in the haunted hollers and rundown farmhouses which gave birth to their first album. But something here has changed. The banjo sparkles in the darkness. The voices weave strange harmonies only hinted at previously. The lap dulcimer and bouzouki dance around each other. The reedy drones of the harmonium hang like mist in the air. Here we find a band so comfortable with the material, so thoroughly at home with their instruments, that with closed eyes the listeners can easily imagine themselves sitting around the campfire as the band plays these songs. Unconcerned with New Weird America", The Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree devote themselves to Old Weird America and the Celtic/European roots from which this tree of songs grew. CD contains two extra tracks not on Acony Bell DoLP. CD

12.00 €

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