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Medicine Ball
MEDICINE BALL - Science Secret Stars
Medicine Ball formed in 1988 in Providence, Rhode Island. In 1990 their track "Sissy and me" appeared on the "Where' s Stanton Park" compilation. In 1991 Evan Williams (Plan 9) joined the band and they began to work on their debut LP. Released in early 1992 on their own Irregular label, "Sandwich Full of Lies" was a mesmerizing album which won them critical acclaim. In 1994 it is followed by "Science Secret Stars" which once again features a variety of songs in a variety of styles. The "jamming" atmosphere of "Sandwich Full of Lies" is replaced by tighter, more complex arrangements. "Science Secret Stars" is filled with dynamic energy and especially excels by the subtle two guitar interplay in the mould of Cipollina / Duncan, Verlaine / Lloyd or Wahl / Bagarozzi. But we are getting "verklemmt" again. Please discuss: West Coast psychedelia launched into cosmic loops - a sophisticated web of sound - grunge 2000 - space boogie... CD

12.00 €
CD fades out into a 20-minute space loop.

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