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DUNLAVY - I ruined America / The spinning dog
Dunlavy is the solo project of Houston, TX based Scott Grimm (former guitarist of the Mike Gunn). Extended passages of hypnotic beauty alternate with heavy space rock thunder. Adventures with Black Sabbath in orbit, at times exploring parallel worlds to Wayne Rogers' guitar outbursts. Intense fragility throughout. This CD contains the two Dunlavy albums from 1995 previously available on vinyl only. CD

12.00 €

DUNLAVY - The Spinning Dog
2nd album by Houston, TX based solo project of The Mike Gunn's Scott Grimm. Heavy space rock thunder, harder than the debut "I ruined America". At times exploring parallel worlds to Wayne Rogers' guitar outbursts. LP

12.80 €
LP is limited to 550 copies w. silkscreened sleeves similar to

DUNLAVY - I ruined America
Dunlavy is an offshoot of Houston,TX band The Mike Gunn, who have gone into hiatus. It is the project of Mike Gunn guitarist Scott Grimm with Elizabeth Swift (bass) and Paul Gregory (drums). Extended passages of hypnotic beauty, heavy space rock attacks, adventures with Black Sabbath in orbit. True to Scott's belief that lyrics only detract from the music vocals are mumbled and distorted. So do not even try to find out why the old couple thinks he ruined America! LP

Limited edition of 550 w. handscreened sleeves.

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