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Mary Jane
MARY JANE - The Gates of Silent Memory
Magic 2nd album by Southampton,UK based folk rock band. Celtic/British folk interwoven with 60's/70's psych rock, resulting in a dreamlike atmosphere which invites you to a sojourn among the mystic ruins of Olde England. Timeless album in the spirit of Trees, Fairport Convention, Stone Angel, at times even Jethro Tull.... Mary Jane was formed in 1993 by Paul Alan Taylor (acoustic, electric & 12-string guitars, banjo, bouzar)around the considerable feminine vocal talents of Jo Quinn (also flute, flageolets, fiddle) - both are also active in Zaney Janey. Martin Griffin (bass) and Nick B. Davies (drums, percussion) complete the band. "The Gates of Silent Memory" also features guest appearances from Chris Lilley (fiddle, viola) and Gail Holliman (vocals). "The Gates of Silent Memory", entitled after a drawing by Edwardian artist Austin Osman Spare, contains both traditional English folk songs ("Boys of Bedlam", "The Silver Whistle", "Janey Picking Cockles", "Oxford City" in a more complex version than on the "Isle of Wight" EP) and original material written by Paul and Jo, successfully fusing the inherent musical styles. Compared with the debut "Hazy Days" Mary Jane's 2nd album is distinguished by its ethereal atmosphere and documents the band's continuing drive towards an unpretentious, distinctly British sound. LP

LP comes with bonus 7


12.00 €

MARY JANE - Isle of Wight EP
3 songs by this UK folk rock band recorded in 97. The title track is a 70's inspired rock song that one could almost imagine being performed at one of the famous Isle of Wight festivals. Polly Pretty Polly is an acoustic rendering of the well-known folk song. Oxford City on side 2 is a hypnotically drawn out psych folk version of a traditional. Limited edition on blue vinyl. 7' (EP)


MARY JANE - Hazy Days
The group was formed by Paul Alan Taylor (acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars) around the considerable vocal talents of Joanne Quinn (who in addition plays recorder, flageolets and acoustic guitar). Additional band members are: Peter Miln (fiddle, mandolin), Nick B. Davies (drums, percussion), Martin Griffin (bass). LP

17.00 €


CD contains two bonus tracks: a medley of two traditionals and

MARY JANE - She moved thro' the fair / The snows / Lagan Love
The tracks on the 7" are taken from Mary Jane's demo tape which has attracted favourable reviews. All three songs are new arrangements of folk traditionals. First pressing in lime green vinyl. All 3 songs on the 7" are not included on the LP "Hazy Days". 7"

5.00 €

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