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The indispensable vinyl edition of The Anomoanon's DERBY RAM, previously released in 2004 as CD only on Box Tree Records (US) and Houston Party (Spain). The 6th full length of this Kentucky band around Ned Oldham (brother of Will aka Bonnie Prince Billy) is an amazing blend of old time folk, psychedelic-tinged rural/southern rock and psych rock jams, reminiscent of Crosby Stills Nash, Neil Young/Crazy Horse, Grateful Dead or, more contemporary, Jason Molina's Magnolia Electric Co. All 12 songs on 'Derby Ram' feature traditional poems, perfectly embedded in late 60's/early 70's West Coast style sounds. The Anomoanon effortlessly drift away from traditional song structure and melody into rootsy jam territory, entwine intense Vietnam noodling with the Appalachian/blues cadence, tap into the soulful twang, serve an Allman-Brothers-style lead, blend the rustic with the lysergic; the songs emit playful energy & relaxed melancholy throughout. To quote Alan Licht: 'Derby Ram is the great collaborative LP the Grateful Dead & Neil Young never got around to making between Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere & American Beauty.' Hard to believe, but almost true! Anomoanon are: Ned Oldham - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar / Aram Stith - acoustic & electric guitar, bass / Jack Carneal - drums / Dave Heumann - keyboards, harmony vocals / Walker - upright bass, banjo, harmony vocals Produced by the Anomoanon and Paul Oldham First edition of 280 comes in silkscreened sleeve (with insert). LP

22.00 €

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